Summer 2016 Page 63 Summer 2016 Custom Embroidery Custom Embroidery E F H G D Grey's Anatomy Princess Seam Lab Coat style 4419 3-pockets, inset belt $38.99 XS-XL $42.99 2X-5X Polyester/Cotton Twill 34" Long E Med Couture 2-Pocket Button Front Lab Coat style 8660 Pleated back with belt $30.99 XS-XL $32.99 2X-3X Polyester/Cotton Twill 30" Long F Landau Smart Stretch Mid- Length Lab Coat style 3028 2-pockets $36.99 XS-XL $38.99 2X-3X Cotton/Polyester/Spandex 31 1/2" Long G Koi Olivia 3-Pocket Button Front Jacket style 406 Inset belt, d-ring $30.99 XS-XL $32.99 2X-3X Also available in merlot, navy, royal, steel, white Cotton/Polyester 29" Long H Infinity by Cherokee Button Front Lab Coat style 1401A 2-pockets, convertible button cuff 3/4 sleeves $32.99 XXS-XL $34.99 2X-3X Also available in black Polyester/Spandex Poplin with Certainty Antimicrobial Protection* 40" Long *Always wash garments thoroughly after each use. EPA disclaimer: Garments featuring antimicrobial technology do not protect users or others against bacteria, viruses or other disease organisms. black 1-800-310-1580 63

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