Scrubs Autumn 2015 Page 39 Scrubs & Beyond

white shocking pink wine pewter black red khaki turquoise ceil hunter teal blue caribbean royal navy PETITE 28" REG 31" TALL 34" FLARE LEG E drawstring modern waist C Fuzzy Friends V-Neck Top style 42700FF 2-pockets, instrument loop $16.99 XS-XL $18.99 2X-3X $22.99 4X-5X 100% Cotton D V-Neck Top With Certainty style 44700 3-pockets, instrument loop $16.99 XXS-XL $19.99 2X-5X E Drawstring Pant With Certainty style 44101A 3-pockets, instrument loop, side slits $18.99 XXS-XL PXXS-PXL $20.99 TXS-TXL $21.99 2X-5X P2X $23.99 T2X F Fuzzy Friends Warm Up Jacket style 42350FF 2-pockets, instrument loop, snap front $19.99 XS-XL $21.99 2X-3X $25.99 4X-5X 100% Cotton C D E F shocking pink stretch solids INTRODUCING Cherokee Workwear Flex is made of Polyester/Cotton Mechanical Stretch Twill With Certainty Antimicrobial Protection 1-800-310-1580 39

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