Mens Scrubs Summer 2015 Page 8 The Men's Scrub Shop & Beyond-Summer 2015

royal A B cargo pocket cargo pocket NEW! graphite A Origins Unisex Alpha V-Neck Top style W6006 Triple chest pocket $12.99 XS-XL $14.99 2X-3X $17.99 4X-5X Not available in caribbean, charcoal, grap e, true red B Origins Unisex Sierra Cargo Pant style W5036 5 pockets, inside drawstring $16.99 XS-XL SXS-SXL $18.99 2X-3X S2X-S3X TXS-TXL $20.99 T2X-T3X $21.99 4X-5X Not available in caribbean blue, grape, true red C ScrubZone Unisex Top style 7121 1-pocket $10.99 XXS-XL $13.99 2X-5X D ScrubZone Unisex Drawstring Pant style 8522 2-pockets $11.99 XS-XL SXS-SXL TS-TXL $14.99 2X-5X S2X-S3X T2X E Cherokee WorkWear Unisex V-Neck Top style 4777 One chest pocket, pen holder $11.99 XXS-XL $14.99 2X-5X F Cherokee WorkWear Unisex Relaxed Fit Cargo Pant style 4100 3 pockets, drawstring $12.99 XXS-XL SXS-SXL $15.99 2X-5X S2X-S3X $14.99 TS-TXL $17.99 T2X G Landau Unisex One-Pocket V-Neck Top style 7502 $11.99 XS-XL $14.99 2X-5X H Landau Unisex Drawstring Pant style 7602 1 back pocket, 1 interior pocket $14.99 XS-XL SXS-SXL $16.99 S2X TXS-TXL $17.99 2X-5X $18.99 T2X I Dickies Unisex V-Neck Top style 83706 One pocket, reversible $16.99 XS-XL TS-TXL $18.99 2X-5X $20.99 T2X J Dickies Unisex Fit Pant style 83006 Drawstring waist/reversible $17.99 XS-XL SXS-SXL $19.99 TXS-TXL $20.99 2X-5X S2X-S3X $22.99 T2X BOOT CUT LEG SHORT 28" REG 31" TALL 33" SCRUBZONE COLORS graphite white true red wine sandstone nautical blue aloe teal royal navy steel cocoa caribbean blue hunter robins egg ceil galaxy blue grape black NEW! the unisex scrub shop STRAIGHT LEG SHORT 29" REG 31" TALL 33" C D COLORS, STYLES & SIZES VARY BY BRAND CLICK IMAGE FOR MORE COLORS 8 FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OF $125 OR MORE! (EXCLUDING TAXES AND SHIPPING)

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